Is the science and art of making decisions about the investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions and balancing risk against performance to achieve set goals and objectives of an individual or institution.

This service is offered on a non-discretionary basis with the active participation of the investor who ultimately retains discretion over the trading activities in their accounts.

The investor and our dedicated staff together make decisions based on our research and subsequent advice of what to buy or sell using the information at our disposal.

Investors with strategic investment goals are adviced on a continual basis taking into consideration their risk appetites, investment objectives and other factors.

We also offer Portfolio management on a discretionary basis where our portfolio management team actively manages the account with the aim of identifying viable opportunities to take advantage of in terms of buying and selling of assets whilst considering the clients risk appetite.

The Portfolio management team is well informed on financial, business and floor news and work towards enabling investors benefit from identified mispriced or overpriced securities.

Portfolio management ensures a good mix of investment assets that are geared towards generating above average returns.