Global Asset Management (Nig.) Ltd. was incorporated on the 13th of July 1992 with an Authorized Share Capital of 6,000,000 ordinary shares of ₦1.00 each. 5,000,000 ordinary shares were fully subscribed to by the Shareholders as at the date of Incorporation.

To enable us be a big player in the market and to play a major role in emerging economies, our Authorized Share Capital have been, over the years, systematically increased to 400,000,000 ordinary shares of ₦1 each. Presently, the Authorized and Paid up Share Capital stands at 400 million ordinary shares of ₦1 each which is more than the regulatory capital requirement.

We are registered as a Capital Market Operator in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) Act No. 29 of 1988 to operate as a Broker/Dealer, Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers/Fund Managers.
Global Asset Management (Nig.) Ltd. is a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange having been licensed by the Council to trade in Stocks, Shares and Bonds on the Stock Market and we commenced operations in the broker/dealer capacity advising Investors and managing portfolios and funds and trading on all the floors of the Exchange since February of 1996 with the aim of growing to become a major player in the Nigerian Capital Market.

Our Company is managed and run by an active Board, a strong management team and tested professional staff with a strong management experience.

Our Objectives.

The medium term objectives of the Company are:

  • Create an investment service-based company that will focus primarily on exceeding customer expectations.
  • Increase the number of clients/families served (AUM) by an average of 40% per year through superior service, performance and referrals,
  • Develop a sustainable financial management company that generates value for its customers.

“To be a highly professional and innovative Company providing the best form of Stockbroking services to create wealth for our clients worldwide.”

Our mission is clear: the enhancement of our clients’ financial lives.

We segment our service offerings into three broad categories:

  • Wealth Enhancement;
  • Wealth Stewardship; and
  • Wealth Administration

Hard work of members of staff remains a strong pillar in Global Asset Management (Nig.) Ltd. As such, we recognize the importance of human capital in our industry as a result of which we shall always focus on strategies that will not only attract young talents, fresh graduates that will be trained and retrained to enable them function well and fit into the mission for our Company, but will also retain them in the long run.

As such we look towards:

  • Hiring Young, fresh graduates who are committed, ethical, amiable and professional
  • Regular Culture orientation to imbue our vision, mission and core values
  • Upgrade and Honing of skills regularly via training and retraining and ensure proper motivation to enable delivery of goal driven values
  • Give every employee of proving his or her ability in order to realize the desired career progression
  • Give equal opportunity for engagement, remuneration and promotion based on merit, diligence, good conduct and performance, equity and industry comparability
  • Appreciate honesty, integrity and loyalty in furtherance of Corporate goals.
  • Maintain a safe and conducive work environment by encouraging employees to work safely and to maintain good health at all times


  • Respect
  • Friendly environment and workforce that will generate Trust
  • Capacity Building
  • Professionalism
  • Ethical and Principled

Confidentiality of Information, Compliance with all applicable rules, laws and regulations including NSE Code of Ethics, Social responsibility, Appropriate Business Practices with Customers, Non-conflict of Interest, Protection and Proper Use of Corporate Assets.


We want to remain credible in the midst of challenging business environment.

The philosophy is our ability to distil our culture into a group of core values that inform all aspects of our business practices.